Venice, Italy

September 2010
3 day itinerary

Winding Canals & Bridges

Duration: 3 days

We visited Venice as a side trip from our first trip to Barcelona, Spain. Flights from Barcelona to Venice were very affordable and we took it as an opportunity to see a little more of Europe while our son, 2 at the time, stayed with our family in Barcelona. They were living in Barcelona at the time as part of the Study Abroad program that they were running. 

At the time, we SPG members and prior to SPG becoming Marriott, we were able to stay in one of the nicest hotels in the city. We were also able to have one of the best rooms in the hotel. A huge suite with a huge terrace overlooking the Grand Canal towards the Basillica di Santa Maria della Salute. 

We spent three days exploring the “streets” and canals of the island. It is easy to just walk and walk and walk. Sometimes you end up going in a circle, sometimes you get a little lost!


Basillica di Santa Maria della Salute as viewed from our terrace across the Grand Canal –  the Europa & Regina Hotel. 

Venice in the Morning

Boats deliver a variety of goods and food to the hotels and restaurants along the Grand Canal.

Best Food & Drink

1. Cappuccinos

Our hotel and the coffee shops in Piazza San Marco were 9 euros or more. However, if you go around the corner and down a block or two, you’ll find local coffee shops with the same great quality at more than half the price. 

2. Corner-shop Pizzerias

Venice is super expensive when it comes to food. You really can’t even imagine it until you’re there and looking at the menu prices. Our hotel had a 400 euro menu alone. Yes, we tried. We felt like we had to. But for the most affordable food, find a corner shop pizzeria. Their giant slices of pizza are great, as are the sandwiches. 

3. Menus

Most restaurants offer a “menu” for lunch. If you want more than pizza or sandwiches, find a little restuarant with an affordable menu option. 

Day 1

We started with a traditional gondola ride. While expensive, around 100 euro, it is a great way to learn about the history of the city, see some sights and enjoy a piece of Venice that makes the city popular. 

Day 2

As the tide rises, Piazza San Marco does indeed flood. This is one of the most popular spots in Venice offering access to St. Mark’s Basillica, Doge’s Palace and the bell tower. There are shops and cafes, but expect to pay a premium for the goods here. 

Day 3

We spent most of the time wandering the streets, looking at the Murano glass shops and pretty much just getting lost. 

Rialto Bridge

On the Grand Canal

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