Taking on the World, One City at a Time

Every year we take an international trip as well as several other more “local” trips as well. We often spend a month or more in our camper traveling across the country. These are some of our favorite trips that we’ve taken over the years complete with a day by day breakdown of activities and restaurant suggestions. 




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Travel Highlight Reel

Venice, Italy

3-Day Itinerary


10-day Itinerary

Yellowstone National Park

3-Day Itinerary

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A Month In Ireland – The Plan

A Month In Ireland – The Plan

2020 sucked as far as travel went. We did do a six-week RV trip across the United States, but we didn't get to go anywhere internationally, and we always try to fit at least one of those trips in every year. Our RV trip was still great though despite COVID and I'll...

A New Era

A New Era

We started True Travel Reviews about 12 years ago. For years we traveled the world, writing reviews on everything - every restaurant, every attraction, every hotel, etc. It was a lot of work, but we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, while on our...