Hello, it’s your favorite person on earth, me-TJ-.  Today I will tell you about what happened on my 8 days going to Disney World.


We got in the car and headed to the airport. Got through the security and got in the line to get on the plane. Once we got in my dad got his IPad and played the app called Candy Crush. I practiced my Spanish and played some games. Once we got off in Orlando, Florida. we got our suitcases which took about 1 HOUR!!! Then we went to eat dinner which was at Denny’s which was a piece of junk. Everything was cold, my pancakes, eggs, sausages and bacon. It was terrible, because even if it was hot I wouldn’t like it. Then we got back to the hotel and went to bed.


I woke up and ate breakfast. It was delicious, it had a whole buffet but everything was bad but the French toast, even the bacon was bad there. The pancakes, little mini waffles, potatoes, hash browns, and the bagels. My parents liked the bacon and the bagels.

We then went to the Disney Park Epcot. We went way back in time and learned how technology grew, we learned who made the abc’s which was the Theisins. We also saw how big computers were back then. Then we went to this ride called TEST TRACK which was A-W-E-S-O-M-E, we got to build our own truck or car, we picked a truck to build. We made it as fast as possible and we did a brake test and everything it was AWESOME


 We went to this thing where there was a whole lot of butterflies, it was cool. We brought our own lunch which was delish. We went to this place that had paint brushes that were mechanical paint brushes that worked on the wall. During the tutorial we could say the color and it would appear on our paintbrush. We then painted this whole picture on the wall and we had to dip the mechanical paintbrush in this bucket and it would turn that color.

Then we went to this Bill Nye show/ride which was cool, Ellen was talking to Bill Nye and Bill said something about energy and if you didn’t it learn you would regret it. Then when he left Ellen’s house she went to bed on her couch and she dreamed that she was on jeopardy and it was about energy. Then they went back in time with Bill Nye and learned about energy, they went way back in time to the DINOSAUR TIMES.  We saw a triceratops, trex, and a pterodactyl. It also told us about energy. Then my parents made me do this Little Mermaid ride and every fish, lobster, and octopus sings Under the Sea. Then we went back to the hotel and I went to bed.


I woke up ate breakfast and headed to Magic Kingdom.  We went to this Peter pan ride which was very cool, the seats made you feel like you were in the air and I saw mechanical croc. We also went to this Aladdin ride that had a magic carpet in a circle and this camel would spit on you. {spit was water them liars -_-} There was it’s a small world ride which was like everywhere in the world, only the people were puppets.  And we also went to this haunted mansion ride thing which wasn’t scary at all and the spirits “Didn’t Like Flashing Lights” and there were fake zombies everywhere. We went to the Winey the Pooh ride that was cool. I saw Winey the Pooh, the pig guy, kangaroos, owl, and the donkey guy. AND WE FREAKING WENT TO ANOTHER LITTLE FREAKING MERMAID RIDE WHY!!!! We decided not to stay till nine for firework because we were all tired and we wanted to watch our show. I also saw the famous castle that starts off movies. I met Donald Duck and Goofy. Next, we went to this Pirate of the Caribbean ride it dropped you in the dark and there were singing pirates and animals everywhere. We watched this Monster’s University show and they told us jokes so we can laugh and give energy to power their monster world with electricity. One joke was why did Mickey Mouse go to space to find Pluto! We rode this train to get from one side of the park to the other side of the park. We went back to the hotel and went to bed.


We woke up and ate breakfast. Then we went swimming and I chipped my tooth. The hotels beach ball was under a chair and I bent down and I chipped my tooth on the chair.  Then we headed to Animal Kingdom, which was AWESOME!  

We saw this scary looking ride called Mount Everest. We went on this ride my mom made us go on but we didn’t know what it was. All it said was “You May Get Wet You May Get Soaked” so we rode it and we got soaked!!! It spinned you and there were water squirters everywhere. Everybody was SOAKED! We also met Minnie and Mickey and they looked like they were ready to go on a safari. We went to this Lion King festival and it was awesome. They singed Hakuna Matata, and it was so awesome. Here is the channel and the name so you can see my experience.  


Then we also saw this finding Nemo musical, there were sword fish fighting with their sword noses. Then we saw this Star Wars documentary and after that we took a picture with BB-8. For the last thing, NIGHT TIME LIGHT SHOW!!! It was like floats on water only it was lights, it was awesome! There was lit up animals like lions, gorillas, elephants, and flowers everywhere. Then we saw the TREE OF LIFE LITE UP! Then we went back to the hotel and I went to bed.


We woke up ate breakfast. We then looked at the shop at the hotel we were staying at. Out our window in the room was the store O:.  After that we went to NASA (Kennedy Space Center). It was awesome I got every Apollo badge, my dad got a statue of a planet and we all got a T-shirts. There was this spaceship that was famous called the Atlantis space shuttle, it was awesome and there were 2 huge rockets below it. We Went on this spaceship simulator, it was cool. My mom thought it would be too scary for me…… ya alike that was true. It wasn’t scary at all and it made feel like we were floating.

Someone talked about our W.I.P satellite named James Web, it could read a book from earth in space, that’s how strong it is. It also can see if the Big Bang theory is true by traveling many light years and it will be launched in space in 2018. We went back to the hotel and hanged out and went to to bed.

DAY 6         

Dun da da da dun! Today we ate at a Starbucks in are hotel. I had an egg and sausage sandwich fun fact what’s sand + a witch…….. Sandwich!  After that we went swimming at the hotels pool. they had a HOT TA TATA TUB! That was hot as 104 degrees, AS HOT AS A FRESH FART |: . then the pool was heated too that was hot as a old fart. then we went to the beach which was one block away. there was a whole lot of seaweed most of it was black but i saw 7  green strains of seaweed  and about 20 white strains of seaweed and 4346526176543200000000008354087345607356838747474653870546 million black strains. And i would go up far in the water, and wait for the ocean waves to come at me.

For lunch we had pizza it was DELICIOUS, the restaurant name was Pavarotti’s Pizza. we ordered cheese pizza. Then we went to this store to buy some sand castle toys. We got some castle toys and a beach mat. we made a sandcastle with are last name made out of seashells  and we tried to make a pond but we just made mud T-T.  So then we searched for dinner and we found this restaurant called La China Blue [ translated ] The China Blue, which was ok. My dad agreed and same as my mom. After eating we went to the hotel hanged out and went to bed.


We woke and went to Orlando. After that we went to Hollywood Studios,  it was AWESOME!!!!!! First we saw some kids going to Jedi training.  I guess they train and then they eventually fought Darth Vader.  We went to Star Wars Launch Bay, which was a Star Wars documentary.  There was a thing that was a Frozen act, and two people were telling the story one a girl and one a boy.  And then I turned my insides my outsides on the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster (not recommended for elderly). It had Aerosmith music and we were in a car and we even went upside down!  We wanted to go to this Indiana Jones ride but we couldn’t :(. There was mostly shows there. Then we rode The Great Movie Ride and it brought all of the best movies from the last 22 years all together. We bought my dad a t-shirt and my own Mickey Mouse backpack! After that we went to the hotel and went to bed.


For lunch we got Jimmy John’s sandwiches and went to the park and ate them. I got to play for a little bit. I met three kids, Wyatt, name forgotten, and name forgotten. One was a little girl and an older sister. We played some. The brother Wyatt kept on calling me “innocent guy.” Also, the big sister told me that her little sister chipped her tooth biting someone really hard.

Then we went back to the hotel,  putt putt golf was right next door to us so we played some. There was a treasure map for the putt putt golf course and you would find these objects while playing, like one was a hat. Then we went to Cici’s Pizza for dinner. Then we went back to the hotel and went to bed.


We had to wake up at 4 AM and go to the airport. We got on the airplane and went home. We went to Costco and Sams. Then went to eat lunch which was Chic-Fil-A.

Well there is the trip your favorite person went on. Also when we got home i had a nice and cozy sleep.