Here’s another installment from TJ on our adventures and road trips.

“We did not play Pokémon Go.”

We went to Little Rock, Arkansas. We went to ride our e bikes on the Arkansas River Trail. The Arkansas River Trail goes from downtown North Little Rock to Pinnacle State Park. The first day we rode about 20 miles North. We crossed the Bill Clinton Bridge. When we started riding, we discovered our batteries were not fully charged, but we don’t know why.  It’s a mystery. 🙁

We still rode about ten miles. There was a detour and we had to ride on the street, but then we got back on the paved trail. It was cool and pretty. I was famous – everyone liked my helmet. We rode a long ways and then we decided we should turn around and then mine was completely DEAD!!!!!!!!!! So the ride back to our truck almost killed me with dry throat and thirst.

We ate at a restaurant named Maddy’s. I had charbroiled oysters. I liked them so much it made me scream like an alpaca! It was delicious. We also had pulled pork nachos. My dad had shrimp and grits and my mom had redfish and for desert we had super super super super super super GOOD CHOCOLATE AND PEANUT BUTTER PIE. IT MAKED ME SCREAM LIKE A HERD OF ALPACAS! We went to our hotel. It was a Four Points by Sheraton. We had 2 bathrooms, an upstairs, 2 TVs, one pull out bed and one regular king size bed. The pool was awesome! The pool had a waterfall and a splash pad, but it was too cold to swim. IT MADE ME SCREAM LIKE A MILLION ALPACAS ON ALERT! Later I just watched TV and I went to BED. How sad. 🙁 TO THE NEXT DAY AND BEYOND!

I woke up and then I ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant, which was pretty bad, still I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t eat it. They didn’t have very many choices, but what I had was hard biscuits and gravy. After breakfast we went back to the trail. Like I said earlier, it was cool and pretty and I forgot to say this – IT MADE SCREAM LIKE A ALPACA! This time our batteries were fully charged and I did not almost die. We went over the Big Dam Bridge.  And also THAT WAS A BIG BRIDGE! IT MADE ME SCREAM LIKE A TRILLION ALPACAS!!!! This time I spotted 2 Cubs fans, which should be way up in CHICAGO (Comment if you’re a Cubs fan). WHY THE FREAK DID WE TRADE DEXTER?  Yeah we know, it’s just terrible. BACK TO THE TRIP AND BEYOND. So we went through the Twin Rivers Park and we saw a FANCY barn and when we turned around my dad went through 3 GIANT ant piles. We went about 12 miles before we turned around AND WE WENT ON THE BIG DAM BRIDGE AGAIN. HOW BORING. WE HAD TO SEE STUFF WE HAD ALREADY SEEN. 🙁 When we got to our truck, 30 minutes later it rained on us. Luckily we had our bikes covered. We ate Arby’s for lunch after we were on the road for awhile. Then we went to Sam’s. Then we went home and unloaded.

The Big Dam Bridge -Arkansas River Trail

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[MY dad made me do this extra paragraph]  My favorite bike trail before this one was White Rock Lake in Dallas. This one might be my new favorite, but I don’t know yet because I haven’t finished this one. I liked it, it was cool and “bootyful” and the scenery was awesome.

By: TJ Mellema