Friday, December 23rd

We left home to stay the night in Dallas so we would be near the airport for the next day. I watched Scooby-Doo on the way. For lunch we had Pho. My parents had to get somebody to fix our printer, so we dropped it off. My dad and I took a walk from the hotel and it was 2.6 miles. Then we had to drop our car off at a friend’s house, Clovis, because we had a flight early in the morning. Then he took us to our hotel and the shuttle took us to the airport the next day. Me, mom, and my dad had pizza for dinner. Also, at the hotel they had appetizers. So we got grapes, scallops, cheese, and different kinds of meats. Our room was bigger than expected. It had two showers, a nice couch, one bed, two TV’s and a kitchen. Then I had to go to bed.

Saturday, December 24th

I took a shower in one of the showers while my dad was in the other one. Then we packed up and went to the airport. We were an hour early, so I got some hot chocolate and my parents got some coffee from Starbucks. Then we got on our flight to New York City. When we got to New York, the line in the plane was so long. Then we saw the airport. I was freaking out because I always wanted to go to New York. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! We had a ticket problem because Dallas didn’t sign us in on the second part of our trip. So we got the very back of the airplane. Then we got on our flight to Barcelona, but for lunch it was chicken or pasta and we said pasta, but they said they ran out so we all had chicken.  It took 7 hours to get to Barcelona from New York. I watched BFG, worked on my report, slept, and I read some too on the way there.


Sunday, December 25th

At 7:00 AM we got to Barcelona on Christmas day. In the USA it was Midnight, because there’s a 7 hour time difference. We had to find a taxi that took Visa because we didn’t have any euros yet. We took the taxi to my aunt’s apartment. Then when we got there and like 10 minutes later we opened presents. At lunch we ate my Uncle Toni’s special soup. Oh, here are what presents I got: an Eifel tower that needed to be put together, a puzzle of the world, Spanish candy, I got a poop card game, and Santa brought me some Harlem Globe Trotter tickets. My cousin Silvia got a skateboard, headband from her sister, chalkboard globe, cheese, socks, and candy. My Dad got a Sweets Tour, cheeses, this nut candy that is typical in Spain and it’s called turron. My Aunt Robin got lotion and lavender soap. My uncle Tony got a briefcase, Spanish t-shirt that said something about mowing, a map, and a coin holder. My cousin Elena got two mugs, a bird dress, another bird dress, and a sweater. We walked to a building called Torre Agbar. It was a huge tower that kept on changing its lights like one was a Christmas tree and another was lots of ornaments. There was much more lights and there was also some fountains too.  We also went skateboarding. Then we went back to the apartment. I ate dinner and I went to bed.

Monday, December 26th

I did whatever. It was St. Stephen’s Day so a lot of places were closed. We walked around the neighborhood and we also went to the beach. Then we played volleyball.  We went to this skate park. It was awesome. My favorite guy was someone on a scooter with a yellow helmet. He had lots of friends with him. Lots of people had skateboards, bikes, and two guys with hoverboards. We played dodge ball too. Then we went back to the apartment and made cookies. I ate dinner then I went to bed.

Tuesday, December 27th

We rented some electric bikes and an electric scooter for me and we road them on the beach all the way to the W hotel and looked at the ocean. My Scooter crashed and had problems, hence why I crashed two more times.  There were some awesome sculptures made out of sand. There was a Homer Simpson one and a pyramid.  Then we returned our rented bikes and scooter. We ate at a tapas bar and we had potatoes, croquettes, and seafood.  Then we went to the apartment and hanged out.  After a little bit we ate dinner. Shortly after I went to bed.

Wednesday, December 28th

I went to my Uncle Toni’s hometown – Vilassar. We met their friends Susana and Enric. They live up in the mountains. We ate Fideua. We beat the Tio de Nadal and sang the song “Caga Tio” in Spanish and the song goes in English like this “poop log poop turron from almonds of peanuts don’t poop salty sardines they are too salty poop turron they are better poop log poop turron if you don’t poop I will hit you with this stick Tio one two three.”  You have to put a blanket on the Tio and when you’re done with the song you take it off to see the presents. Then you have to warm up your sticks at the fireplace then you do it again in till he stops. We got presents three times!  I knew he was done he gave us his wiping that was a tissue with black on it. Once he poops the sardines its over with the opening of presents. He poops sardines if you sing the wrong song. I got Ping-Pong, candy and other cool stuff. Everybody got presents. Me, my Uncle Tony and my cousin Silvia walked a whole mountain. Then when we got back I played Ping-Pong with some people. Then we had to go back home and when we got to the apartment I had to go to bed. 🙁



TJ’s new favorite Christmas tradition! #cagatio #tiodenadal

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Thursday, December 29th

We went to this market where everybody was selling something. There were so many different stands. I got a smoothie, lots of sweets, rip off macarons, and lots more. When we left it I was so excited to eat all of the junk we got. I was CRAZY BEFORE I ATE THE CANDY so my parents new this would be a mess. I got a key chain with my name on it with a penguin. I played with the ball with my cousin Silvia but then it went under one of the stands and the cops said we couldn’t play with it anymore. Then we got this one kind of toy for Thee Treehouse and it was for all the kids there!!!!  You can launch it into the air with a rubber band and it has LED lights on it so it looks very cool and goes very high. Then when we got to the apartment I had to bed.


Friday, December 30th

I met my uncle’s side of the family, the Prado family. My parents were gone when I woke up because they were going on an airplane to Rome for three days. So then we went to meet the Prado family at the restaurant and there was so many people. I ate lamb and calamari. I really liked the lamb and my calamari was delicious. I went outside and played with my cousin Silvia and her other cousin from the Prado family. We played tag. Later on one of her other cousins from the Prado family came and then we played hide and go seek. Her Uncle Hobby came and then we climbed a whole mountain and then we left. After that, we went to the apartment and we hanged out. I went to bed after that.


Saturday, December 31st – New Years Eve

We played this card game called Poop that I got for Christmas . To start every one gets 5 cards each. Then you turn over a card to see what number will clog the toilet. Let’s pretend it’s 8 to clog it, so if I put a poop card down that had a 4 and the next person puts a poop card down with a 4, it’s clogged. So the person that clogs it has to get all of the cards that everybody laid down and you win it by being the first one to run out of cards. We watched a lot of TV. At Midnight that’s when the fun time began!!! I ate 12 grapes. That’s a thing they do in Spain. I had kids champagne and the adults had regular champagne. I kept on yelling and stuff there was lots of fireworks and I went to the roof to see them.  After that I had to go to bed.

Sunday, January 1st – New Years Day

I watched TV while I was waiting for lunch and I watched Studio C. We ate lunch that was pizza bread and it was delicious, best I ever had. My Uncle Toni made it; he is always a great cook.  We went to the park and played with this weird bouncy ball thingy. We played soccer too. I met six kids and one new 7 languages and another one new 4.  I also met a professional soccer player. We went back and ate dinner with one of my Uncle Toni’s friends and we ate lentils and beans. After that I had to go to bed.

Monday, January 2nd

I played with my cousin Silvia while I waited for lunch. We had pasta.  Then we left to get on the bus. We climbed three hills/mountains and their names were 1 turo de la rovia, 2-creu del coll and 3-park güell. It was so fun. I pretty much saw the whole city of Barcelona from the top of the mountains. I walked six miles. I was so tired when we were done, but it was worth it. When we got back, it was nighttime so I ate dinner and I went to bed.

Tuesday, January 3rd

I woke up and my parents were home.  Like ten minutes later I had to go on this Sweets Tour. We tried the best chocolate cake ever, fresh churros, croissants, hot chocolate, all the different types of turrons, and real macarons.  The guide showed us the town history and stuff. There were these graves that were from Roman times and there is this store only for bathtub ducks too. I wanted to stop bad, but we did not have time. We went to Casa Batllo. The architect was Gaudì. There was an area with a fireplace that was made for a couple to sit and it looked like you were walking into a mushroom. Almost everything was based off nature in the way Gaudì designed it.  We ate at this place called Grasshopper for lunch and I got dumplings. Everybody else got noodles.  We hung out for a while at the house. Then we ate dinner which was carbonara. Then I went to bed.

Wednesday, January 4th

We went out for lunch. We ate at this place where almost everything was a sandwich. They had one hundred choices. Each sandwich was one euro. So, we ate our sandwiches and left. We also got theses muffins and I got a chocolate one. So, then we went to this park that had like 5 giant slides and they were really wide. It was so fun. Me, my Dad and my Uncle Toni played this game where there were some stairs and I would be at the top and they would be at the bottom and they would try to kick the ball all the way up the stairs and get it past me.  We tried to play with a toy called the Bubble Thing. My dad forgot to shake up the ingredients for it so it did not work. So, then we went to this other park and we played keep away with the ball. So, then we went to the beach looking for water. Hooked ourselves with some of the best snorkelling fins and took a dive into the azure shimmering water. Then we went back to the apartment. My dad and Uncle Toni cooked dinner. We had calamari, angler fish, clams, and blue fish. After that I went to bed.

Thursday, January 5th

We ate at this place called Casino for lunch. We left and went shopping. We saw lots of cool stuff but I only got stuff from The Barcelona Duck Store. I got the Statue of Liberty Duck. We were going to go to this place called All I Knit Is Love so my mom could buy some yarn, but then we ran out of time because the Three Kings Parade and we had to get a place for it because it was getting crowded.  But, luckily we got in the front and it was awesome. There were people with these drums. There also people dressed up as mail so the kids can write down what they want and send it to the kings by putting them in this one mailbox-looking guy. They had lots of animals there, and there were these paper horses that were humongous.   There were these cannons that shot out candy. Some people were dressed as coal and fire. One of Silvia’s cousins came from the Prado family. After that we ate all of our candy. My favorite king was the black one, but I forgot his name. We went to this café after the parade. I had hot chocolate, my cousin Silvia had tea, and Silvia’s cousin from the Prado family got hot chocolate too.  We went back to the apartment and we ate dinner, which was boiled vegetables. After that I went to bed. You can watch the whole parade here.


The start of the Three Kings Parade in Barcelona.

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Friday, January 6th

I got to go to France. It took four hours to drive there. We ate lunch along the way in this town called Narbonne. We could barely find anywhere to eat because it was time for lunch in Spain but in France they eat about the same time American’s do. In Spain, they usually eat lunch at 2:00 and dinner at 9:00 so because it was 2 PM every one was closed until dinner. But eventually we found a place. I got a sandwich and so did every body else.  Then we went back on our way to Toulouse. When we got there we went to Hotel Mermoz. Then we ate dinner, which was Cassoulet. Then we walked around town, we went back to the hotel and I had to go to bed.

Saturday, January 7th

I hung out for a little bit, then we ate lunch witch was pizza it was so good. After that, we went looking at the shops, but I didn’t get anything. We walked all around the town. And I rode on this ride where we were in an ornament on a Christmas tree. It was awesome. We saw so much cool stuff. Then we ate dinner. We ate at this fancy restaurant and I had macaroni and cheese and hamburger steak. Then we got back to the hotel.

Sunday, January 8th

I woke up and we took off.  We were driving to Spain, but then we stopped at this castle for lunch. There were lots of stores too but for lunch I had Cassoulet, onion soup, and chocolate cake. Then when we got back to the car… some one dented it and it was so also broke down. Three hours later we got a jump so then we got back on the road for dinner we had Burger King. Then when we got back I had to go to bed.

Monday, January 9th

I went to the Sagrada Familia designed by Gaudi. [FACTS] He was buried under the Sagrada Familia.  Most of the stained glass there was based off of sunsets and stuff like that. Gaudi was walking by the Sagrada Familia but then a streetcar hit him while walking to church, that’s how he died. He always knew that he wasn’t going to live until it was done so he gave his sketches and stuff to his team before he died .  [FACTS ARE DONE]  Then we went to the University of Barcelona and I saw where my aunt works and everything. Then we went to eat lunch. I had spaghetti, hamburger steak, and a desert crepe. Then we went back and hung out for a while, and then we ate dinner, which were lentils and beans.  Then I had to go to bed.

Tuesday, January 10th

I woke up then I had to go to the airport.  When we got on our plane I worked on my report the whole time. And for the terrible lunch I had pasta. When we got off our plane at NYC there was this man who stamped our tickets orange because we needed to get through customs faster because our airplane was about to load. It turned out we had time to eat pizza so we did. Then when we got on I watched the movie called Storks.   We got off, we went to pick up our car. Then we went  to a hotel and went home the next day.