I love the Cubs and they got to the World Series and that’s why we went to Chicago.
Please no Indian fans read this UNDERSTAND.

First, we left Wednesday at 9am. I slept in the car almost the whole way. We ate at McDonald’s for lunch. When we got to St. Louis, we went to our hotel. Then we ordered a pizza and it was super good. My dad looked all over for it because he tried and love it before and we watched a Cubs game. After the Cubs game was over I went to bed.

We drove to Chicago. For lunch we went to a sushi place that was delicious. We went to a Harry Carey’s restaurant for dinner. It was connected to a Chicago Sports Museum. We went to the museum part first. There was lots of cool stuff. There was game that needed your body movement and other awesome stuff. Then we ate and I had the best hamburger of my life. My mom got a pile of food and my dad got a holy cow cheeseburger. Then we went to our hotel and I went to bed.



We went swimming after my breakfast, which was a donut. We ate lunch at a Greek place. My dad got a kabob. My mom also got a kabob. I got a cheeseburger. Then we went to a baseball card shop. My dad spent $500 on baseball cards. The guy that owned the place had 2 shelves with little boxes that had signed baseballs. He talked my dad into a mystery ball for $50. The most expensive was Mickey Mantle. It was worth $600. He let me pick and I picked Mickey Mantle. My dad checked it and every one was cheering, and I said, “WHOS MICKEY MANTLE!!!!!!!!!!!” And I did not get told. 🙁 We went to an event after the baseball card shop where there was Ernie Bank’s wife, Bob Love, Steve McMichaels, Fergie Jenkins and Leon Durham. I got an autograph from everyone. There were lots of people. It was a big room and had huge TVs and we watched the Cubs game there and I ate pasta and pizza there. When we got back I went bed.


I had breakfast and we went swimming. I got in a hot tub too. Then we went to the mall. We did not have lunch. We went to the Apple Store. I played on devices. I saw Pokémon Monopoly, but it was $50. I also saw Pokémon Legos and super hero Legos. My mom would not let me buy the Pokémon Legos. Then we had dinner at Ditka’s Steak House and we ate nachos for an appetizer. My dad got prime rib. My mom got a pork chop. I had calamari. My mom got desert that had toffee and M&M’s and macadamia nuts and it had Oreo ice cream. We watched the Cubs game there. We left and then I went to bed.

I woke up and then I ate breakfast. We stayed at the hotel for a while and we went to the park were the bean is, but the fountains were closed. So we only got to see the bean. Then we went to Theory. We watched the Cubs game there. They WON. I ate macaroni pizza, my dad got a shrimp wrap, my mom got sliders and for desert we got a cookie on a skillet with ice cream on top.



MY DAD WOKE ME UP! Then I ate breakfast. Then we got on the road. We ate at Springfield Illinois. It was a Chinese place. I had Lo Mein. My dad had soup. It was delicious! Then when we were done we found a candy factory. They had spray candy, chocolate Twinkies, chocolate marshmallow bars, chocolate, candy bars, chocolate pretzels, fudge, every flavor of taffy, many different kinds of popcorn, and CANDY. We left to get to our hotel in Tulsa. When we got there, my mom ordered pizza. It was delicious.



When I woke up I ate breakfast. Then we hit the road. I played on my I pad most of the way. For lunch we ate at Whataburger in Paris, TX. It took 5 hours to get home. It was a good trip.

It was the best time of my life. It was so fun. I’m so happy I went on the trip.