Since moving from West Texas to East Texas, a lot of our traveling these days is by car. We’re a whole lot closer to a lot of cool places these days than we were in Amarillo. We also like to take the dogs with us when we can versus leave them home alone for a week. So, this past week we took Chloe, our newest little canine, along with us on a road trip to visit family in Galesburg, Illinois.

Ironically, we brought the dogs along with us so that they wouldn’t get caught outside in the cold if East Texas happened to get some bad weather. However, it turned out that they experienced probably the coldest weather they will ever see in their life! It was so cold in Galesburg that when it wasn’t 0 degrees F, it was -20 degrees with the wind chill. Fortunately, they’re good house dogs!



At 18 degrees, it was a lot warmer than the day before!

This trip had a lot of “firsts” for little Chloe.

First Road Trip



First Hotel Stay



First Snow



Overall, she was quite the trooper. She did chew on some shoes, TJ’s knit cap and their travel dog water bowl, but she’d probably done that at home any way! Saying that, she sure is happy to be home on dry ground!